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If You take part in any study trip, mobility programme or training activity, You should inform the Office of Study Affairs of your faculty prior to the beginning of your specific activity. This is necessary, because the university has to keep records of the students’ credits.

Besides the Erasmus+ program, our university offers the following mobility and exchange programs.


CEEPUS is an acronym formed from the title: “Central European Exchange Program for University Studies”.

The CEEPUS develops a closed framework among universities. The institutions from the individual member states can form so called NETWORKS.

Our university is part of the following networks:

CIII-RO-0010-10-1516 - Teaching and Learning Bioanalysis

Coordinator: PaedDr. Juhász György, PhD.

Department: Department of Chemistry


CIII-HU-0019-11-1516 - International Cooperation in Computer Science

Coordinator: RNDr. Štefan Gubo, PhD.



CIII-SK-0405-07-1516 - Renewable energy sources

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ing. Imrich Okenka, PhD.


CIII-PL-0701-04-1516 - Engineering as Communication Language in Europe

Coordinator: Ing. Ondrej Takáč, PhD.


Within the framework of CEEPUS there is a possibility to do a so called “freemover” mobility. This is an individual mobility, realized outside the networks.

More information: http://www.ceepus.info/

VELUX Scholarship Programme

The Faculty of Economics provided an opportunity for its undergraduate students to participate in Danish courses funded by Velux foundations. This was is realized on two Danish Universities: International Business Academy (IBA, www.iba.dk), and on the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA, www.kea.dk).

Currently, the program is suspended for an indefinite period on our university.

More information:


Mobility grants from the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary

The Ministry of Human Capacities regularly announces ministerial scholarships for training opportunities in Hungary. The majority of our students may apply for them.

In order to support the students, our university tries to recognize as many credits as possible from the student mobilities.

More information:


If something is unclear related to mobility programs, you can ask the Erasmus+ Coordinator of J. Selye University for directions.


Mgr. Adriana Kinczerová

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