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Complex accreditation

Accreditation of academic programs:

Based on the its accreditation application, J. Selye University requested an accreditation for 34 various study programs during the complex accreditation process. The re-accreditation of the currently implemented study programs was successful. The accreditation of two new academic programs - Missiology, diacony and social work for II. grade and Business economy and management for III. grade was successful as well. Successful accreditation of academic programs means that in addition to the two already existing doctoral study programs (Hungarian language and literature – Faculty of Education, Theology – Reformed Theological Faculty), students can now start doctoral studies on the Faculty of Economics as well. Hereinafter J. Selye University offers 32 re-accredited study programs (15 programs for I. grade studies, 13 programs for II. grade studies, 1 merged program– five years long – for II. grade studies and 3 programs for III. grade studies) for those who are interested in higher education studies.


According to the Accreditation Commission of the Slovak Republic, J. Selye University fulfilled the following classification criteria for the "university“ title: KZU-1 and KZU-2. At the time of submission the criteria KZU-3 was not fulfilled. According to the Commission’s assessment, J. Selye University was classified among the "non-classified" higher education institutions. In accordance with the relevant paragraphs of the Higher Education Act, the university had to take measures in order to fulfill the KZU-3 criteria within one year. As a result of the accreditation of academic programs, the university has now three doctoral study programs, so it meets the KZU-3 criteria. There is nothing in the way of J. Selye University to gain the "university" title, which means a step forward in the popularity and reputation of the institution. During the accreditation contest in 2008, J. Selye University could not meet the criteria of academic classification, but during the accreditation contest in 2015, the achieved excellent results prove, that J. Selye University has a place and a reason for existence among the "university" rated higher education institutions.

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