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Students with special needs

The duties of the University coordinator’s tasks include:

- identifying applicants and students with special needs
- assessing special needs
- liaising with the departments dealing with students with special needs
- providing advice on issues concerning students with special needs
- proposes the use of financial resources for services and technical equipment for special needs students

Special needs students are considered to be:

- with sensory, physical and multiple disabilities,
- with chronic disease,
- with weakened health,
- with mental illness, autism or other pervasive developmental disorders,
- with learning disorders.

Article 100 of Act No 131/2002 on higher education institutions deals with the rights of students with special needs.

University coordinator for students with special needs:

Kép SIH én

Mgr. Bc. Ulbrik Zoltán
Phone number: 035/3260671

Methodological guide for students with special needs


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