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The Rectorate of J. Selye University performs administrative, economic and operational tasks associated with the proper functioning of the institution. It provides the necessary financial and administrative conditions for the work of the Rector, Vice-rectors, Academic Senate, Bursar, Board of Science and for the Board of Directors. The Rectorate also prepares and processes the necessary documents required by the university to fulfill its duties according to the law. It coordinates the activities of the departments and units of the institution and ensures the communication with other institutions and state bureaus. The Rectorate manages the university’s assets as well. The Rectorate consists of units controlled by the Rector, units controlled by the Bursar and departments controlled by the Vice-rectors.

Units of the Rectorate controlled by the Rector:

Rector’s Office
Personnel Department
Projects Department
Inspection Department
Civil and Labor Protection Department
Sports Centre
Chemical and biological laboratories

Units of the Rectorate controlled by the Bursar:

Bursar’s Office
Finance Department
Payroll Department
Procurement and Construction Department
Document Management Department
Operations Department

Departments of the Rectorate controlled by the Vice-rectors:

Department Under Vice-Rector for Science and Research
Department Under Vice-Rector for Development
Department Under Vice-Rector for Education and External Relations
Department Under Vice-Rector for Accreditation and Quality Assurance


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