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Quality assurance council of J. Selye University


Membership in the J. Selye University Quality Assurance Council (excluding Vice-Rectors) is discussed and approved by the J. Selye University Academic Senate on the basis of the Rector's proposal. The members of the Quality Assurance Board of J. Selye University were appointed by the Rector of the University with effect from 13 July 2021. The term of office of the members of the Quality Assurance Board of JSU is four years, in the case of students it is two years.


Dr. habil. PaedDr. Melinda Nagy, PhD.


Dr. habil. Ing. Renáta Hajabáč Machová, PhD. – university management representative
Doc. RNDr. József Bukor, PhD. – university management representative
Prof. RNDr. János Tóth, PhD. – university management representative
Prof. PaedDr. Štefan Porubský, PhD. – external assessor
Prof. ThDr. Juraj Bándy – external assessor
Prof. RNDr. Michal Fečkan, DrSc. – external assessor
Ing. Zoltán Šeben, PhD. – representative of FEI JSU
Dr. habil. Mgr. Árpád Popély, PhD. – representative of FE JSU
Mgr. Zsolt Görözdi, PhD. – representative of FRT JSU
Mgr. Stela Járosiová – student representative
Mgr. Tilla Izsák – student representative
Mgr. Judit Károlyi Szikonya – employers' representative

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